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The HOP: Home Ownership Podcast brought to you by Hub for Podcasting and David Charles Allen.

The HOP (Home Ownership Podcast) Episode 78: Listings Pick up After the Holidays

Jan 11, 2022

Village Properties Realtor, David Charles Allen reports that new listings rose significanty after the holidays and most likely will cotinue to do so.  Interest rates also crept up but are still quite low (3.375% for 30-year conforming loans and 3.125% for 30-year jumbo.)  On the Fur Babies at Home Segment, David tells us about his long holiday trip to Idaho with the pooches and the newest member of the four-legged family has a name!  Be sure to listen to find out what it is!  If you'd like to speak to David about buying or selling a property, contact him at or call 805-617-9311.