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The HOP: Home Ownership Podcast brought to you by Hub for Podcasting and David Charles Allen.

Apr 5, 2020

     David reports on mortgage rates and the surf in Santa Barbara.  Patti and David give a 'shout out' to Konni and Rob, who are selling a home in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Click here to view that listing.   They also discuss the beautiful Mesa neighborhood in Santa Barbara, its sales stats , and what makes it unique.  As always, David and Patti share stories about their dog's antics.  Listeners are invited to share pictures about their listings for a 'shout out.' pics of their own beautiful life and cute or funny pics of their pets.   Please send pictures, comments or questions to

To visit David's website, click here.

A special thanks to Tyler Gray, from Wells Fargo Mortgage for providing up to date mortgage rates.