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The HOP: Home Ownership Podcast brought to you by Hub for Podcasting and David Charles Allen.

Apr 11, 2022

Santa Barbara had a heat wave with highs close to 90 degrees but there were a couple of good swells, so surfers and other water lovers had fun cooling down at the beach.  30 - year fixed loans rose to 4.625% and jumbo loans remained at 4%.  There were only 37 new listings and 11 of those were sold off market.  With almost 2,000 real estate agents in Santa Barbara, there's tremendous competition!  David answered Patti's question about the things that real estate agents are not allowed to tell their clients but his advice is to empower buyers by giving them the tools to find their own answers.  If you'd like to contact David Charles Allen, you can call him at 805-617-9311 or email