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The HOP: Home Ownership Podcast brought to you by Hub for Podcasting and David Charles Allen.

May 6, 2022

David Charles Allen, Village Properties Realtor, and host of the HOP, shares the Santa Barbara sales stats and latest interest rates.  Thirty-year fixed jumbo loans are up to 4.5% and 30-year conforming loans rose to 5.125%.   Higher interest rates affect first-time homebuyers the most.  David reviews other towns and cities within an hour drive of Santa Barbara, discusses their affordability,  and gives his pick for the neighborhood in SB that he thinks, in the long-term, will go up in value the most.  He also reports on a new trend in Santa Barbara and across the country, to sell a percentage of a home, similar to a time share.  As always, David and his co-host Patti Teel, close the show with their pet stories.