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The HOP: Home Ownership Podcast brought to you by Hub for Podcasting and David Charles Allen.

Aug 3, 2023

Week of 7-6 to 7-15-23

Host and Village Properties realtor, David Charles Allen, reviews the latest interest rates and sales stats in Santa Barbara.  Interest rates dropped almost  a half-percent.  Regarding sales stats, Santa Barbara had 46 new listings, 31, sales closed, and 22 went pending.  Sales seem to be slowing down slightly as summer is in full swing.  If you'd like to talk to David about buying or selling a home, you can email him at or call him at 805-617-9311.

In the second half of the show, David tells us about his new business, Chowdees.  David has created new, healthy dog treats which are freeze dried and made without additives.  Be sure to check it out at